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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Karaa, Fadi A.

Contact Info
Title: Associate Professor
Office: COL 274
Phone: 973-642-4198
Dept: Civil and Environmental Engineering

About Me


  • PhD in Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MBA, Sloan School of Management, MIT
  • M.S., Civil Engineering (Systems Analysis), MIT

Courses I Teach


Research Interests


  • Critical Infrastructure Systems
  • Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Planning: Repair, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction 
  • Underground Utilities Management Systems
  • Multi-Hazard Flood Coastal Resilience
  • Engineering and Construction Project Management and Controls
  • Dam Safety and Monitoring Systems
  • Data Warehousing and Analytics for Performance Management

Current Research

"Requirements, Model and Prototype for a Multi-Utility
Locational and Security Information Hub," Karaa, Fadi A. (Principal), Sponsored by UTRC- University Transportation Research Center, March 1, 2014 - May 31, 2015 (on-going)
"Flood Mitigation Engineering Resource Center", Karaa, Fadi A. (Principal), Marhaba, Taha F. (Co-Principal), Dresnack, Robert (Co-Principal), Schuring, John R. (Co-Principal), Saadeghvaziri, Mohamad A. (Co-Principal), Konon, Walter (Co-Principal), Golub, Eugene B. (Co-Principal), Olenik, Thomas J. (Co-Principal), Potts, Laramie (Co-Principal), Miima, John B. (Supporting), Zhang, Wen (Co-Principal), ," Sponsored by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, State, completed June 18, 2014
"Development of a Comprehensive Inventory System for Underground Fiber Optic Conduits," Karaa, Fadi A. (Principal),  Sponsored by UTRC- University Transportation Research Center, completed March 2012.
" Development and Implementation of a Segment/ Junction Box Level Database for the ITS Fiber Optic Conduit Network," Karaa, Fadi A. (Principal), Sponsored by NJ Department of Transportation, under contract to The College of New Jersey, June 2011.
"Innovative and Effective Techniques for Locating Underground Conduits," Karaa, Fadi A. (Principal), Niver, Edip (Co-Principal), joint project and under contract to the College of New Jersey (Al Katz Principal Investigator) as the Prime Contractor/Partner, Sponsored by New Jersey Department of Transportation/UTRC, University Transportation Center, completed Summer of 2010

Selected Publications

Karaa, F., Potts, L., Miima, J. B. and Data, B., "Development of a Post-Sandy
Community Protection and Resiliency Improvement Program in the Meadowlands," The
Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP), 2014 Critical Infrastructure Symposium, Colorado
Spring, Colorado. (April 7, 2014).
Karaa, F., Katz, A., and Niver, E. (2013). "Decision Analysis of Preferred Methods for Locating
Underground Conduits." Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice,
10.1061/(ASCE)PS.1949-1204.0000162 , 04013017.
Karaa, F. and S. Banerji, “Development of Connectivity-Based Underground Fiber-Optic
Network Inventory Systems”, Proceedings of Transportation Research Board, 2013, pp. 1-17.
Karaa, F.A., H. Zaghloul and R. Scholze ,“ Expert System for Wastewater Collection system
Infiltration and Inflow Mitigation”, Eighth Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering and
Geographic Information Systems Symposium, pp. 121-128, June 1992.
Zaghloul, H., F.A. Karaa, J. Clark and M. Korfist, “Army Water Supply Management System for
Installations Drinking Water Facilities”, Eighth Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering
and Geographic Information Systems Symposium, pp. 145-152, June 1992.
Karaa, F.A. and D.H. Marks, “Performance of Water Distribution Networks: An integrated
Approach”, Karaa, Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, ASCE, Vol. 4, No. 1,
February l990.
Karaa, Fadi A. and B. Abdallah, “Coordination Mechanisms During the Construction Project
Life Cycle, Project Management Journal 22:45-53, September 1991.
Karaa, F.A., “Infrastructure Maintenance Management System Development”, Journal of
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Karaa, F.A, A. Touran, and R.L. Meserve, “Operations Management in the Engineering Office”,
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Karaa, F.A. and K. Sundaravel, “Operational/Financial Interface for Effective Project
Management Integrating Scheduling and Spreadsheet Systems”, PMI International Symposium,
September 1989.
Mattera, L. and F.A. Karaa “Risk Management Specifications for Working with Hazardous
Materials”, PMI Expert Seminar on Risk Analysis, PMI International Symposium, September
Karaa, F.A., “Maintenance Management Systems for Water and Sewer Infrastructure,
Computing in Civil Engineering: Computers in Engineering Practice, New York: ASCE, 0-
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Karaa, F.A., D.H. Marks and R.C. Clark, “Budgeting of Water Distribution Improvement 
Projects”, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, ASCE, vol. 113, No.3, pp.
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Karaa, F.A. and A. Nasr “Resource Management in Construction”, Journal of Construction
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Karaa, F.A. and R. Krzysztofowicz, “Bayesian Decision Analysis of Dam Safety”, Applied
Mathematics and Computation, Elsevier, 14: 357-380 (1984)