MS in Environmental Engineering

MS in Environmental Engineering

Students in the MS Environmental Engineering program can concentrate in Water Quality, Treatment and Infrastructure, Integrated Site Remediation, or Multidisciplinary Environmental Engineering.

Environmental engineers are essential participants in the planning, design and construction of waste water and potable water treatment plants, solid waste disposal systems, site remediation and emission control measures, and other similar projects. Major corporations, government agencies, private consulting and construction firms, and universities are just some of the organizations that employ environmental engineers.

In-depth knowledge in environmental engineering is essential for professional practice as well as for research. Full-time faculty members with a range of academic and professional practice experience as well as by adjunct instructors who are experts in their field teach the courses. Those students interested in research at the master’s level or continuing their education at the doctoral level should consider working with faculty involved in one of the university’s related major research centers.

The MS in Environmental Engineering is designed for those who want both specialized course work and the flexibility to tailor their program to their needs.

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