Sunil Saigal

Contact Info

Title: Distinguished Professor
Office: Colton 213
Phone: 973-596-5443
Dept: Civil and Environmental Engineering

About Me

Sunil Saigal, Ph.D., PE is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at NJIT. His research in the area of computational mechanics has spanned numerous sub-disciplines and industrial applications. In addition to the research activities associated with his academic roles, he has served on several prestigious research appointments, including summer appointments at NASA, Ford Motor Company, Sandia National

Laboratories and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Much of his research has been focused on interactions with the industry and these contributions have included: development of boundary element shape optimization in collaboration with United Technologies; formulations for powder packing in collaboration with Alcoa and DuPont; development of computational models for nonlinear soil behaviour in collaboration with ANSYS; cohesive element formulations for post crack behaviour of glass—polymer composites in collaboration with DuPont; explicit algorithms for high velocity impact in collaboration with Naval Surface Warfare Center; computational simulations of acetabular hip component to assist with total hip replacement surgery in a collaboration with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; and development of medial surface algorithms in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories. These interdisciplinary efforts required bringing knowledge from diverse field ranging from anatomy to computer science to materials into the field of solid mechanics

Recognition of his work has occurred through awards/honors including: Leighton and Margaret Orr Award for Best Paper, ASME Materials Division, 2004; Richard Teare Award for Excellence in Engineering Education, Carnegie Mellon University, .1996; Outstanding Professor of the Year Award, ASCE Pittsburgh Section, 1994; George Tallman Ladd

Research Award, Carnegie Mellon University, 1990; Presidential Young Investigator Award, National Science Foundation, 1990; Ralph R. Teetor Award, Society of Automotive Engineers, 1988; and Admiral Ralph Earle Medal, Worcester Engineering Society, 1987

He is the co-author of five books on engineering mechanics and holds a patent for a method of manufacturing hot rolled I-beams. He is the author of over 100 peer—reviewed articles in archival journals. He has served on the editorial boards of several journals including ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics, AIAA Journal, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Engineering with Computers, and International Journal for Computational Civil and Structural Engineering.

He is a fellow of numerous societies including, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and American Academy for Advancement of Science; and an Associate Fellow of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


  • Ph.D., Aeronautics and Astronautics, Purdue University, 1985.
  • M.S., Structures, Indian Institute of Science, India, 1980.
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, Punjab Engineering College, India, 1978.

Research Interests

Dr. Saigal has a variety of research interests ranging from early interests in computational mechanics and nanotechnology-composite structures to recent projects in computational cardio-mechanics and orthopedic biomechanics.

Current Research

  • Nanotechnology-composite structures
  • Computational cardio-mechanics
  • Orthopedic biomechanics.

Selected Publications


Ken Chong, Sunil Saigal, Stefan Thynell, Modeling and Simulation Based Life-Cycle Engineering.


David White, Sunil Saigal, Steven J. Owen: Meshing complexity: predicting meshing difficulty for single part CAD models. Eng. Comput. (Lond.) 21(1): 76-90 (2005).

David R. White, Sunil Saigal, Steven J. Owen: CCSweep: automatic decomposition of multi-sweep volumes. Eng. Comput. (Lond.) 20(3): 222-236 (2004).

David R. White, Sunil Saigal, Steven J. Owen: Meshing Complexity of Single Part CAD Models. IMR 2003: 121-134 (2003).

David R. White, Sunil Saigal: Improved Imprint and Merge for Conformal Meshing. IMR 2002: 285-295 (2002).

Z. I. Salem, Sunil Saigal, Scott A. Canann: Mid-Node Admissible Space for 3D Quadratic Tetrahedral Finite Elements. Eng. Comput. (Lond.) 17(1): 39-54 (2001).

Steven J. Owen, Matthew L. Staten, Scott A. Canann, Sunil Saigal: Advancing Front Quadrilateral Meshing Using Triangle Transformations. IMR 1998: 409-428 (1998).