Dorairaja Raghu

Contact Info

Office: 205 Colton
Phone: 973-596-3665
Dept: Civil Environ. Eng.

About Me

Dr. Raghu’s research has been applids in nature. Recently his research has been focused on modelling of settlement of landfills. He has also worked on chromium contamination, disposal of water treatment plant residuals and reuse of contaminated soils. A technique for designing and constructing structures in and on cavernous carbonate formations was developed by him. He also won several awards such as the Robert Van Houten award for Teaching Excellence (University-wide), Engineer of the year by ASCE NJ Section and recently Service to the Profession award by Central Jersey Section ASCE.


  • Annamalai University, B.E., 1961.
  • Madras University, M.Sc.Eng., 1962.
  • Texas Tech University, Ph.D., 1975.

Research Interests

Geoenvironmental engineering, settlement due to biodegradation of land fills, water treatment plant sludges, Monofills, remediation of chromium contaminated soils, and brownfields


Current Research

Contaminated dredge spoils, settlement due to landfill biodegradation, anaerobic decomposition, and redevelopment of brownfield sites


Selected Publications

"A Model for Cost Estimate for Water Treatment Plant Residual Monofills," Proc. of 17th Conf. On Solids Waste Technology Management, Philadelphia, PA, Dec. , 2001

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