Walter Konon

Contact Info

Office: 223 Colton
Phone: 973-596-2476
Dept: Civil Environ. Eng.

About Me

WALTER KONON, P.E., has been a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology since 1974. He has extensive professional and academic experience in the areas of heavy construction and infrastructure renovation. He currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in construction engineering, materials testing and infrastructure repair. Prof. Konon currently heads the Construction Division at NJIT. He also serves as Associate Department Chair and Director of the High Performance Concrete laboratory.

Prof. Walter Konon’s current research involves design and construction modifications to reduce infrastructure costs. His work has been funded by many public agencies including NJDOT, NJDEP, NSF, and New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. Prof. Konon is a licensed professional engineer and licensed building inspector and is a member of the International Society of Explosives Engineers. Prior to joining NJIT, he worked on large construction projects with contractor Peter Kiewit and the consulting firm of Couddry Carpenter. Prof. Konon was a Senior Fulbright Visiting Professor at the Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering in 1979 and at the Kiev Institute of Civil Engineering in 1990. 


  • City University of New York, B.S.C.E., 1966.
  • City University of New York, M.S.C.E., 1970.

Research Interests

Development and testing of the cleaner wick system for in-situ removal of contaminants from soil and groundwater, Infrastructure remediation and development.

Current Research

Modification of highway barrier walls to improve aesthetics and reduce construction costs, Infrastructure repair and rehabilitation.


Selected Publications

Konon, W., Golub., Dauenheimer, E., Saadeghvaziri, A., “NJIT Develops Fin Wall,” The Wall Journal, Vol. No. 29, Page 10, May 1997.

Konon, W. “Design of Mega Projects by Freshman.” Proceedings of the First Regional Conference on Innovations in Teaching and Learning, NJIT, Pages 5-9, November 21, 1997.

Konon, W., Dauenheimer, E. Golub, E., “To Advance The Concept of Aesthetics and Constructability in the Design of Noise Barrier Walls,” Final Report to NJDOT-NJ-99-007, December 17, 1999.