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Khera, Raj P.

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Title: Professor
Office: 215 Colton Hall
Phone: 973-596-2475
Dept: Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Academic Interests: civil engineering

About Me

Raj Khera, PhD, is a professor in the department of civil and environmental engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

In 2005, Khera received the Saul K. Fenster Innovation in Engineering Education Award, which is given annually to a professor whose creative teaching has had a positive, life-long impact on students. Because of his theoretical background and his expertise in applied engineering projects, Khera has stayed well ahead of the curve. His progressive thinking is demonstrated in his textbook, in his ability to develop and teach new courses based upon state-of-the-art theory and practice in geotechnical engineering, and in his early and continued use in his classes of computer applications.

Khera has made pioneering use of the Internet in his classes; he was the first in the department to maintain course web sites, which he has done for more than a decade. He was also the first faculty member to make extensive use in his classes of Power Point lectures.


  • PhD in Civil Engineering, Northwestern University
  • MS in Civil Engineering, Ohio State University

Courses I Teach

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Access is limited to only those courses that are offered in the current semester.

CE341 Soil Mechanics: Prerequisite: Mech 237, Mech 237A, or equivalent. Co-requisite: CE341A. A study of soil types and properties is made with the objective of developing a basic understanding of soil behavior. The methods of subsurface investigation and compaction are presented. Fundamentals pertaining to permeability, seepage, consolidation, and shear strength are introduced. Settlement analysis is also presented. Lab must be taken concurrently.

CE341A Soil Mechanics Laboratory: Co-requisites: CE 341.

CE 443 Foundation Engineering: Prerequisites: CE 341, CE341A. Site investigation, selection of foundation types and basis for design, allowable loads, and permissible settlements of shallow and deep foundations. Computations of earth pressure and design of retaining walls.

CE641 Soil Properties: Approved undergraduate course in soil mechanics within last five years. An in-depth study of physical and mechanical properties of soils. Topics include clay mineralogy, shear behavior and compressibility of fine and coarse grained soil; and in-situ measuring techniques such as vane shear, cone penetration and pressure meter. Laboratory work includes consolidation test and triaxial test, with emphasis on analysis, interpretation and application of data to design problems.

CE642 Foundation Engineering: Prerequisites: approved undergraduate courses in soil mechanics and foundation engineering. The salient aspects of shallow foundation design such as bearing capacity and settlement analyses. Topics are relevant to the deep foundation, selection of the type and the determination of load bearing capacity from soil properties, load tests, and driving characteristics utilizing wave equation analyses. Earth pressure theory and retaining wall design.

CE 647 Geotechnical Aspects of Solid Waste: Prerequisites: CE 341, CE 341A or equivalents (see undergraduate catalog for descriptions). Geotechnical aspects of solid waste such as municipal landfill, dredged materials, coal and incinerator ashes, identification and classification of waste materials, geological criteria for siting, laboratory and field testing, design for impoundment and isolation of waste, methods of stability analyses of landfill sites, techniques for stabilizing waste sites, leachate and gas collection and venting systems. Primary emphasis is on municipal wastes.

Selected Publications

Khera, R.P., “Calcium Bentonite Admix for Waste Containment,” Indian Geot. Journal, 34 (2), May 2004, pp.111 – 122.

Talerico, J., Schuring, J.R., Khera, R.P., “A Landslide in Glacial Soils of New Jersey,” Proc. Fifth Int. Conf. on Case Histories in Geot. Eng., New York, N.Y. April 13-17, 2004, Paper No. 3.19.

Khera, Raj P. and So, Leong, "Effect of Slag on Shear Strength of Calcium Bentonite," Testing Soil Mixed with Waste or Recycled Materials, ASTM STP 1275, Mark A. Wasemiller, and Keith B. Hoddinott, Editors, American Society for Testing and Materials, 1997, pp. 16-25.

Khera, R. P., Kasturi, R. M. R., Oweis, I. S., Alam, M. K., "Depth and Width Effect on Pullout Resistance of Woven Geotextiles in Sand," Geosynthetics 97, IFAI, V.2, 1997, pp. 851-862.