Robert Dresnack

Contact Info

Office: 264 Colton
Phone: 973-596-2469
Dept: Civil Environ. Eng.

About Me

Robert Dresnack received his BSCE degree from C.C.N.Y. and his Masters and Ph.D. Degrees from New York University.  He has been a faculty member at NJIT since 1966.  His areas of research and teaching interests are in the fields of water resources engineering and development and in environmental impact analysis.  He has been involved in numerous funded studies related to the above sponsored by the NJDOT, USDOT, New Jersey Water Resources Authority and the NJDEP.  He has also consulted privately for numerous engineering firms and private clients related to land use development in the tri-state area in the abovementioned engineering disciplines.


  • PhD, New York University

Research Interests

Water resources development, planning and analysis, Environmental impact analysis (noise, air, water and traffic engineering), Storm water management.

Current Research

Aircraft Routing and Related Noise Impacts, Assessment of Municipal Sewer Charges by Sewerage Authorities, Stormwater Management Regulation Analysis, Pipeline Safety


Selected Publications

R. Dresnack, Y. Ding, P. Chan, "Assessment of a High-Rate Sedimentation Process: Microcarrier Weighted Coagulation Jar Test," a final report prepared on behalf of the U.S.E.P.A. under contract#7C-R364-NAFX, fall 1999.

R. Dresnack, C. Wilson, I. Zimmer, "Strategies To Evaluate the Validity of Aircraft Routing Plans," a final report prepared under contract with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, January 1999.

E. Dauenheimer, R. Dresnack, E.Ehrenkrantz, and E. Golub, "Analysis of Flow Reduction Factors For Proposed NJDCA Stormwater Management Regulations," Proceedings of the Envirosoft ‘98 Conference, November 10-12, 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

R. Dresnack, "Environmental Assessments and Related Impacts, and Eutrophication," both published in Volume 1 of the Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering, 4th Edition, Edited by Pfafflin and Ziegler, Gordon & Breach Science Publishers, Fall 1998.

R. Dresnack, E. Golub, J. Greenfeld, B. Griffis (Columbia Univ.), and L. Pignataro, "Electronic Reporting and Auditing Systems for Transmission," Pipeline Incident/Accident and Annual Reports, and The Causes of Hazardous Liquid Transmission Pipeline Accidents: What Can Be Determined fromUSDOT Databases; both papers published in the Proceedings of the ASME/JSME Joint Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference, San Diego, Calif., July 1998.

Dresnack, E. Golub, J. Greenfeld, B. Griffis (Columbia Univ.), and L. Pignataro, "Safe Separation Distances - Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Incidents," published in the Proceedings of the ASME International Pipeline Conference, Calgary, Canada, June 1998.

E. Dauenheimer, R. Dresnack, E. Ehrenkrantz, and E. Golub, three reports, namely, "Literature Review of Stormwater Detention Effectiveness in Limiting Downstream Peak Flows; Review of Current Stormwater Management Practices of Other States Vis-A-Vis New Jersey’s Detention Basin Peak Flow Reduction Regulations; and Analysis of Flow Reduction Factors For Proposed NJDCA Stormwater Regulations," reports were prepared under contract with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Fall 1997.