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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dauenheimer, Edward G.

Contact Info
Title: Professor
Office: 225 Colton
Dept: Civil Environ. Eng.

Courses I Teach

No teaching information found matching this UCID.

Research Interests

Highway and railroad bridges, bridge management systems, load testing structures, network-based construction control systems, and expert systems in construction.

Current Research

Bridge load testing and rating, aesthetic design of highway noise barriers, review of storm water management regulations, and virtual laboratory for engineering and architecture.

Selected Publications

Dauenheimer, E., Golub, E., Konon, W., Final Report – “To Advance the Concept of Aesthetics and Constructability in the Design of Noise Barrier Walls,” NJIT Transportation Research Center, December 1999.

Dauenheimer, E., Baszczewski, W., Mass, G., “Engineering Shortage Now Critical,” New Jersey Building Contractor, Vol. IV, 1999.

Dauenheimer, E., “New Home for Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,” NCE News, Spring 1999.

Dauenheimer, E. and Gregorits, J., "P.E. Readiness – Civil Engineering, Vol. I, II and III," the MGI Management Institute, January 1999.

Dauenheimer, E., Dresnack, R., Golub, E., Ehrenkrantz, E., “Analysis of Flow Reduction Factors for Storm Water Regulations,” Proceedings of Envirosoft ’98, November 1998.