Branislav Dimitrijevic

Contact Info

Title: Assistant Professor
Office: TIE 286
Hours: Tuesdays, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Thursdays, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Phone: 973-596-6463
Dept: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Academic Interests: Transportation engineering


Dr. Dimitrijevic joined the faculty at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Fall 2018 as an Assistant Professor. Prior to this appointment, he held a position of Senior Research Scientist since 2014, following 11 years as a member of the research staff at NJIT’s Transportation Research Center. He specializes in transportation systems analysis, transportation planning, network optimization, multimodal freight transportation and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). He took part in the development and deployment of the Transportation Economic and Land Use System (TELUS), a multi-year federal research program, and was one of designers of a land-use modeling software to project the spatial distribution of jobs and households in order to better project regional travel patterns. The software has been used at both research institutions and metropolitan planning organizations around the country. Recently, Dr. Dimitrijevic has led several projects for the ITS Resource Center, a transportation technology innovation program funded by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. They include the development and advancement of technologies for real-time traveler information systems, traffic-responsive and adaptive traffic signal systems, and the use of drones for remote traffic surveillance and connected vehicle applications. He is currently working with the City of Newark to demonstrate advanced traffic detection and data analytics utilizing GPS, wireless and mobile communications, and connectivity between transportation infrastructure, vehicles, and travelers to provide ‘personalized’ traffic and travel information in real time.


  • PhD in Transportation, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 2018.
  • MS in Transportation, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 2001.
  • Diploma in Transportation Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia, 1999.



Current Teaching:

CE 350 Transportation Engineering (Fall 2018)


Past Teaching:

  • CE 450 Urban Planning
  • TRAN 602 Geographic Information Systems
  • TRAN 603 Introduction to Urban Transportation Planning (Online)
  • TRAN 610 Transportation Economics
  • TRAN 625 Public Transportation Operations and Technology
  • TRAN 650 Urban Systems Engineering (Online)
  • TRAN 705 Mass Transportation Systems

Research Interests:

  • Performance-Based Transportation Planning and Programming
  • Integrated Travel Demand and Land Use Modeling,
  • Decision Support Systems for Traffic Operations, Incident and Congestion Management,
  • Connected Vehicle Applications for Personalized Mobility Management,
  • Effect of Technology on Regional Mobility and Shared Use Mobility.

Current Research:

  • Application of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in Traffic Incident Management and Traffic Monitoring
  • Development of Connected Vehicle Testbed in the City of Newark
  • Concept of Operations for Truck Parking Information System
  • Review of Recent Developments and Trends in Mobility-on-Demand
  • Integration of Probe-Vehicle Data and Mobile Observations for Weather Responsive Traffic Management



Journal Papers:

Lee, J., Gutesa, S., Dimitrijevic, B., Spasovic, L. Singh, J. (2017) “Deployment and Field Evaluation of In-Vehicle Traffic Signal Advisory System (ITSAS),” Information 2017, 8(3), 72; doi:10.3390 /info8030072.

Gutesa, S., Dimitrijevic, B., Lee, J., Zhang, Y., Feely, C., Spasovic, L. (2017) “Smart Arrival Notification System for ADA Passenger Paratransit Service Using Consumer Mobile Device,” Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Issue Number: 2650, Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C.

Casper, C.T., O'Brien, J.P., Lupa, M.R., Dimitrijevic, B., Paz de Araujo, M. (2009) “Application of TELUM by the Pikes Peak, Colorado, Area Council of Governments: Lessons Learned in Colorado Springs,” Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Issue Number: 2119, Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C.

Chien, S.I., Dimitrijevic, B., Spasovic, L.N. (2003) “Optimization of Bus Route Planning In Urban Commuter Networks,” Journal of Public Transportation, Vol 6, Issue 1.


Conference Proceedings:

Pathak, C., Lee, J., Kim, K., Dimitrijevic, B., Spasovic, L. (2016) “Geo-Spatial Analysis of Bluetooth Signal Reception and Its Implications on Arterial Travel Time Estimation.” TRB 95th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers.

Lee, J., Zhong, Z., Kim, K., Dimitrijevic, B., Du, B. Gutesa, S. (2015) “Examining Applicability of Small Quadcopter Drone for Traffic Surveillance and Roadway Incident Monitoring.” TRB 94th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers.

Lee, J., Zhong, Z., Singh, B., Singh, J., Dimitrijevic, B., Kim, K. Du, B., Chien, I.Y., Spasovic, L. (2015) “WIMAP: Work Zone Interactive Monitoring Application.” TRB 94th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers.

Kim, K., Spasovic, L., Dimitrijevic, B., Motiani, D., Chien, I. J. S. (2014) “Assessment of Speed Information Based on Probe Vehicle Data - A Case Study in New Jersey.” TRB 93rd Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers.

Dimitrijevic, B. and Spasovic, L. (2006) “Innovative Transportation Technologies - an Alternative for Providing Linkages Between Port Terminals and Inland Freight Distribution Facilities,” Proceedings of the National Urban Freight Conference, Long Beach, California, February 1-3, 2003.


Research Reports:

Burchell, R., Brail, R., Finn, S., Ewing, R., Kumar, M., Nelson, A., Nicholas, J., Spasovic, L., Dimitrijevic, B. (2009) “Transportation Cost Impacts of New Development: Procedural Guide and Model, Final Report, NCHRP Project 08-59”, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, August 2009.


Book Chapters:

Kim, K., Gutesa, S., Dimitrijevic, B., Lee, J., Spasovic, L., Mirza, W., Singh, J. (2017) “Performance Evaluation of Video Analytics for Traffic Incident Detection and Vehicle Counts Collection,” published in “Recent Advances in Intelligent Image Search and Video Retrieval,” Springer International Publishing, ISBN 978-3-319-52080-3.