Sima Bagheri

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Office: 207 Colton
Phone: 973-596-2470
Dept: Civil Environ. Eng.

About Me

Sima Bagheri is a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at NJI T. She received BS and MS in Earth Sciences and a PhD in Environmental Remote Sensing from University of Wisconsin- Madison. She has over 25 years of experience working with geospatial data of land and water resources and their integration into GIS. The NOAA, NASA and the NSF have supported her research projects since 1985. Her recent research project supported by NSF and NASA focused on the characterization of optical properties and retrieval modelling of coastal waters of NY/NJ using NASA/AVIRIS hyperspectral data. The dedicated AVIRIS data is now being utilized in inverse modelling as the research component of the NSF — ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award (# 05474279). She has been a NASA Faculty Fellow collaborating with the NASA scientists at Stennis and Goddard/ Wallops since 1994 and a Fulbright Scholar at the EPOMEX Centro of Universidad Autonoma De Campeche, Mexico during summer 2006. With support from NSF she initiated and put in place the Remote Sensing/GIS graduate program and established the RS/GIS instructional Laboratory at NJIT to support the curriculum.


  • Teheran University, B.S., 1965.
  • Illinois State University, M.S., 1968.
  • University of Wisconsin, Ph.D., 1984.



Program/Course Outlines

Remote Sensing/Geographic Information Systems Options in Engineering Science Program
This is an interdisciplinary program designed for those individuals who seek advanced knowledge in Remote Sensing/Geographic Information Systems, particularly related to the study of the Earth from space. The main objective of creation of this specialization is to educate the professionals to make well informed decisions in solving environmental problems utilizing combined technology of Remote Sensing/Geographic Information Systems. 


Research Interests

Applications of remotely sensed data in natural resources monitoring and management. Current research Projects are focused on utilization of both airborne/spaceborne imageries and their integrations into GIS with emphasis on mapping aspacts. Currently I have a NASA faculty fellowship working on "Development of an Expert System for Optical Water Quality Parameters of Nearshore Waters". I was a PI for the National Science Foundation project to establish the "Remote Sensing and GIS Instructional Laboratory" at NJIT.

Funded Research Projects

PI: S. Bagheri, "A Microcomputer Based Digital Image Processing and Geographic Information Systems". National Science Foundation Grant No. CES 8704553, July 1987 - May 1990.

CPI: S. Bagheri, "Impact of Reducing P Loads from Domestic Wastewater on New Jersey Coastal Algal Related Water Quality, NOAA National Sea Grant, May 1, 1987 - May 1, 1988.

PI: S. Bagheri, "Reliability of remotely sensed data in Eutrophication Related Water Quality Analysis in New Jersey Coastal Waters". New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium Minigrants, August 1987 - August 1988.

PI: S. Bagheri, "Applicability of the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer Data in Eutrophication Related Water Quality analysis in N.J. Coastal Waters". N.J. Marine Sciences Consortium Minigrant, Aug. 1988 - Aug. 1989.

PI: S. Bagheri, "Use of Multispectral Video Data for Water Quality Assessment in Hudson/Raritan Estuary" New Jersey Sea Grant July 1989 - October 1990.

PI: S. Bagheri, " Utility of TM Data in Chlorophyll-a Estimation in New Jersey Nearshore Waters". NOAA Sea Grant, Project No. R/E 15, May 1989 - August 1992.

PI: S. Bagheri, "Utility of GER Imaging Spectrometer in Turbidity analysis". National Science Foundation, Division of Biological and Critical Systems, Grant # BSC-9210232, September 15, 1992 - Feb. 28, 1994.

PI: S. Bagheri, "Development of an Expert System for Optical Water Quality Parameters in Nearshore Environment". National Aeronautic and Space Administration, NASA-University JOVE, Grant # 991969, September 1994 - September 1997.

PI: S. Bagheri, "Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Instructional Laboratory Development". National Science Foundation. Grant # DUE:9651462. July 1, 1996 - June 30, 1998.

PI: S. Bagheri, "Use of SIR-C/X-SAR data in Tectonic Investigation". National Aeronautic and Space Administration, NASA-University JOVE Augmentation Grant # 991969, September 1996 - September 1998.

PI: S. Bagheri, "Remote Sensing of Nearshore water Quality using Bio-Optical and Retrieval Techniques". National Science Foundation. Grant # BES-9806982. And NASA. August 1, 1998 - July 30, 2001.



Selected Publications

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