Graduate Student Research

Some of the current projects being carried out in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are listed below. For more information please contact the persons listed under the projects.

Current Research Projects

Mecontaminate Passaic River Sediments using Ultrasound with Ozone Nano Bubbles
Janitha Hewa Batagoda  Ph.D. CE (Geo-Environmental Engineering)  
Research Advisor:  Jay N Meegoda, Ph.D., P. E. 

Development of an Artificial Neural Network Model for Predicting Spatio-Temporal Freeway Work Zone Delays with Big Data
Bo Du  Ph.D. (Transportation)  
Research Advisor:  Steven Chien, Ph.D.

Nanoscale Imaging and Quantifying Chemically Modified Membrane Properties during Fouling and Aging Process 
Wanyi Fu  Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering)
Research Advisor:  Wen Zhang, Ph.D., P. E. 

Development and Evaluation of Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Control under Connected and Automated Vehicles Environment
Slobodan Gutesa Ph.D. (Transportation)
Research Advisor:  Joyoung Lee, Ph.D.

Multifunctional Reactive Electrochemical Membranes for Efficient Biomass Recovery, Pretreatment, Water Purification and Reuse
Likun Hua  Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering)
Research Advisor:  Wen Zhang, Ph.D., P. E. 

Tracking of Endpoint Legionella Bacteria and Other Co-factor Parameters in Public Water Systems to Develop Corrective Action Solutions
Veronica Kero   
Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering)
Research Advisor:  Wen Zhang, Ph.D., P. E.

Electroosmotic Consolidation of Clay Soils  
Lucas Martin  Ph.D. (Civil Engineering)
Research Advisor:  Jay N Meegoda, Ph.D., P. E. 

Prediction of Failure in Flexure Dominated HPFRCC Members through Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation
Mandeep Pokhrel  Ph.D. (Civil Engineering)
Research Advisor:  Matthew Bandelt, Ph.D.

Title:  Safe Yield Study for the Passaic River Basin in New Jersey
Stephanie R. Santos, P. E., P. P.,  (Civil Engineering)
Research Advisor:  Robert Dresnack, Ph.D,,

Optimization Of Headway, Stops, And Time Points Considering Stochastic Bus Arrivals
Liuhui Zhao  Ph.D. (Transportation)
Research Advisor: Steven Chien, Ph.D

Connected Vehicle Technology
Zijia (Gary) Zhong  Ph.D.(Transportation)
Research Advisor:  Joyoung Lee, Ph.D.

Condition Assessment and Long-term Performance of Culverts  
Zhenting Zou Ph.D. (Civil Engineering)
Research Advisor:  Jay N Meegoda, Ph.D., P. E