Faculty Research

The research expertise of the CEE Faculty and Staff spans a variety of specialties that are summarized below.  Please feel free to contact any faculty member directly or Dr. Taha Marhaba, department chair, if you would like more information about CEE research capabilities and projects (taha.f.marhaba@njit.edu or 973-642-4599).

Dr. Matthew P. Adams, Ph.D., Oregon State University (matthew.p.adams@njit.edu)  
Testing and development of cement based materials, testing methods, innovative analysis techniques, and materials characterization.​ 

Lisa Axe, Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology  (axe@njit.edu)  
Physical and chemical processes in environmental systems and the influence of surface chemistry on transport processes.

Sima Bagheri, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison  (bagheri@njit.edu)
Geospatial technology in global change studies.

Dr. Matthew J. Bandelt, Ph.D., Stanford University (matthew.j.bandelt@njit.edu)  
Behavior and design of high-performance fiber-reinforced cementitious composite (HPFRCC) materials, development of nonlinear finite element modeling tools, and enhancement of performance based design methods for structural resilience.  

Dr. Michel Boufadel, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati (Michel.boufadel@njit.edu)  
Oil spills (offshore and onshore), fate and transport of in multimedia at multiscales, and water flow and solute transport in coastal systems (open water and subsurface).

Steven Chien, Ph.D., University of Maryland  (chien@njit.edu)
Transportation systems analysis.  Intelligent transportation systems.

Janice Daniel, Ph.D., Texas A & M University  (daniel@njit.edu)
Traffic engineering and operations.  Transportation safety.  Adaptive traffic control systems.  Urban freight movement.

Yuan Ding, Ph.D., New Jersey Institute of Technology  (ding@njit.edu)
Modeling in groundwater.  Water and wastewater treatment.  Contaminant transport.

Robert Dresnack, Ph.D., New York University (dresnack@njit.edu)
Water resources development.  Environmental impact analysis.

Hsin-Neng Hsieh, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh  (hsieh@njit.edu)

Water and wastewater treatment.  Sludge treatment.  Solid waste disposal.

Fadi A. Karaa, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (fadi.a.karaa@njit.edu)
Decision and risk analysis, project management and control.

Walter Konon, M.S.C.E., City University of New York  (konon@njit.edu)
Design and construction modifications to improve safety and reduce infrastructure costs. 

Dr. Jo Young Lee, Ph.D., University of Virginia (jo.y.lee@njit.edu)  
Vehicular wireless communications technology, traffic operation optimization, highway automation, and traffic simulation modeling. 

Rongfang Liu, Ph.D., University of South Florida  (liu@njit.edu)
Intermodal transportation planning.  Travel behavior and demand forecast modeling.  Operation research and network simulations.  Intelligent transportation systems.

Taha Marhaba, Ph.D., Rutgers University (marhaba@njit.edu)
Characterization and control of disinfection by-product precursors in water.

Jay N. Meegoda, Ph.D., University of California, Davis  (meegoda@njit.edu)
Underground infrastructure/smart pipe.  Soil/sediment remediation reuse.  Micromechanics.

Thomas Olenik, Ph.D., Rutgers University  (olenik@njit.edu)
Environmental regulations.  Storm water management.  Land use development.

M. Ala Saadeghvaziri, Ph.D., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (ala@njit.edu)
Structural engineering with emphasis on non-linear response of RC structures.

Sunil Saigal, Ph.D., Purdue University (saigal@njit.edu )
Computational mechanics, nanotechnology-composite structures, computational cardio-mechanics and orthopedic biomechanics.

John Schuring, Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Technology  (schuring@njit.edu)
In-Situ remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater.  Engineering geomorphology.

Methi Wecharatana, Ph.D., University of Illinois  (wecharatan@njit.edu)
Fly ash concrete.  Fracture mechanics of concrete and other cementitious materials.

Dr. Wen Zhang, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology (wen.zhang.2@njit.edu)  
Environmental nanotechnology, photocatalysis, and sustainable nanomaterials for water treatment, disinfection, and renewable energy production.