Design Competitions

Steel Bridge Design

The Steel Bridge Competition is sponsored annually by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) in conjunction with ASCE to foster educational excellence among the nation's civil engineering programs.  The contest requires student teams to design, fabricate, and manage a reduced scale bridge based upon a general set of material specification and geometric requirements.  Teams also have to erect their bridges during the timed competition.

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NJIT Steel Bridge Team Takes First Place for Tenth Straight Year

NJIT Steel Bridge Team is a team within the New Jersey Institute of Technology's ASCE chapter (American Society of Civil Engineers). It consists of undergraduate students who are attending at NJIT, majoring in civil engineering, and also members of ASCE. Every year, the team competes against other schools in a steel bridge competition.

Concrete Canoe Competition

The Concrete Canoe Team won the 2012 Regional Canoe competition.

The win for the Canoe Team was especially impressive, since NJIT hadn’t participated in the canoe competition for the last 10 years. Yet this newly revamped, 14-member team built a concrete canoe whose design and performance beat seasoned teams from Rutgers University, Stevens, The College of New Jersey and teams from five other universities.

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