Master of Science in Transportation

Transportation is vital to our society's proper functioning, providing mobility of people, goods and services. It enables people to access job markets and participate in recreational, cultural, educational, and social activities. It adds value to products by moving them to their destination in time for their use. The transportation field also is a major contributor to the economy, as a consumer of resources and as a supplier of jobs.

The MS in Transportation program prepares students to be transportation planners, engineers, and managers who can plan, design, operate, and manage transportation systems capable of satisfying society's transportation needs.

Applicants should have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with some undergraduate background in economics, mathematics, probability and statistics, and computers.  Students who lack an appropriate background may be admitted and required to make up deficiencies by taking a program of courses designed in consultation with graduate advisors. These courses are taken in addition to the degree requirements. These courses are taken in addition to regular degree requirements; descriptions may be found in the undergraduate catalog.

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