Structural Testing Laboratory

Lab Location: 100 Weston Hall
Lab Director: Dr. Matthew Bandelt  
​Lab Co-Director: Matthew Adams​ 


The Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Laboratory is housed in Weston Hall on NJIT's campus.  The 3,400 square foot facility is used for research and teaching in the areas of structural engineering and civil engineering materials.  Research studies conducted in the laboratory are used to evaluate, design, and predict the performance of existing and emerging infrastructure materials and structural systems. The laboratory contains equipment to evaluate materials and structures across the nanometer to meter scales.  


Testing Equipment

  • 5-ton Over Head Crane
  • 100-kip Structural Actuator *
  • 200-kip Actuator in Custom Frame **
  • High-Speed Data Acquisition system with numerous load cells, LVDTs, and string potentiometers

* Structural Actuators are "stand alone" hydraulic pistons inserted into experiments as necessary.  This one, testing the lateral strength of highway glare screens made of recycled plastic, is bolted to a 2-foot thick, very stiff, reinforced concrete reaction wall allowing both tensile and compressive loads to be applied to the specimen.  It will be used to apply lateral loads to specimens in conjunction with our new 200 kip system.