Graduate Admissions

Graduate Program Contacts:

Associate Chair for Graduate Studies:  Dr. Methi Wecharatana
Phone: 973-596-2474

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Hsin-Neng Hsieh  
Phone: 973-596-5859


Admission Requirements:

Applicants to MS programs are expected to have an undergraduate degree in civil engineering or its equivalent, and must have proficiency in basic sciences and mathematics. Ph.D. programs are for superior students with master's degrees in civil engineering or allied fields who wish to do advanced research.  Students who lack an appropriate undergraduate background may be granted conditional admission in order to complete a bridge program or its equivalent. These courses are taken in addition to regular degree requirements; descriptions may be found in the undergraduate catalog.

Graduate Certificate Program: A 12-credit graduate certificate in Construction Management is available as a step toward this degree. Please see Graduate Certificates in the online catalog for further information. For more information about continuing and distance education, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies​, ​973-596-3462; email:

Bridge Program: Students who do not have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, but who want to obtain a master’s degree in civil engineering must complete a bridge program for their chosen area of specialization. These courses are not counted for degree credit. See the areas of specialization in this section for specific bridge programs. Please note that prerequisites for bridge courses also must be met. See the undergraduate catalog for descriptions of 100- to 400-level courses. Some of the bridge courses may be waived depending on the student’s background.

Master of Architecture (MArch) and MS in Civil Engineering Dual Degree Program: This program permits students to obtain a Master of Architecture with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering. There is no reduction in the degree requirements for the Master of Architecture program. This dual degree program permits students to obtain the MS in Civil Engineering in substantially less time; in some cases, in only one more semester of full-time study. This dual degree program is described in the “Architecture” degree program section of the online catalog.